Korean Kimchi with vitamin B12

Kimchi is Korean food culture. It is a healthy fermented vegetable, made up of Korean cabbage, known as Chinese leaf, sun-dried red pepper, spring onions, salt and some optional extras. Healthy4ever Kimchi includes a bit more vegetables without any processed ingredients. But one can add most of the vegetables which can be eaten raw. Most of the vegetables used are organic depending on availability. The following is my usual recipe. All ingredients are washed first except the cabbages, which take washing after salted.

1-Get 1-three large cabbages, also known as Chinese leaf, or four if they are small. 2-Three to four bunches of spring onion, 3-one large red onion, 4-one cup of sun-dried red paper, 5-half cup organic sugar, 6-a bunch of beetroot, 7-three to four apples, 8- 250 to 500 grams of soya beans, 9-two to three garlic heads and 10-ginger as big as the size of all garlic heads, 11-two cups of sea salt and 12-one or two small tiny fish or a piece of raw salmon. The reason for the fish is to help to culture Vitamin B12, which exists on plants or inside animals.

2-Cut cabbages to small pieces and put them in a container.

3-Mix the sea salt with a litre of mineral or filtered warm water and add to the shredded cabbages. Give it a continuous mix until shreded cabbage become smaller and nearly submerge insalty water. Leave the shredded cabbages for around four hours in the salted water. Each now and then go to give it a good mix. In less than four hours the salt absorbs all moisture from the shredded cabbage, which reduce in size by at least two times.
4-After adding salted water to shredded cabbages, go on shredding or mincing and mixing the rest of the vegetables. I mince mine. I have a mincer.

5- The salted shredded cabbages become ready when they reduce in size enough like getting submerged under salted water. Get rid of the salted water and rinse the shredded cabbages two to three times with mineral or filtered hard water.

6- Mix the salted and shredded cabbages with the rest of the ingredients

7- Now the recipe has completed, you have made your own kimchi. Cover the top of the kimchi with cling film to separate it from air.

8- Now it is ready to eat it although not yet fermented. It takes about 3 to 4 days to get fermented in room temperature. Cover the container air tight with something and leave it somewhere with room temperature. I put mine in laundry plastic bag and close the top of the bag with rubber band and each two days I change the cling film. The fermentation continues until all of it consumed. This usually lasts me for four weeks. I always mix it with fresh fruit salad as a complete raw green food. I also add organic balsamic vinegar and organic unfiltered extra virgin olive oil and a drizzle of sea salt.

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