Colon, Bowel and Liver Detox with Coffee Enema

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Coffee enema is an important means to cleanse the colon, bowel and liver to cure and protect from all diseases especially cancer. A lot of clinics use it to help cancer patient to recover from cancer. Coffee enema involves injecting coffee into the colon through the anus and holding it inside for about 10 minutes or more. Read the following quote from a scientific source to see how useful is coffee enema against cancer:

"Coffee Enemas cause dilation of bile ducts, which facilitates excretion of toxic cancer breakdown products by the liver and dialysis of toxic products from blood across the colonic wall".

Coffee enema cleanses colon, bowel, liver, blood and strengthens immune system by as much as 700%. Liver like kidney also filters blood from toxins, which discharged through bile duct. Coffee enema widens bile duct a lot. This helps a lot more toxins discharged from blood and liver. Additionally coffee enema causes increased production of a certain enzyme, used by our immune system, by as much as 700%.

Colon washing is known as Enema and has been around since biblical times. You simply inject an amount  of water into your colon from your back. After a while you go to toilet to discharge everything . That is the basic idea and how it has been done since ancient times but today we do what is known as Coffee Enema. Yes, you guessed it right; you inject coffee into your colon from your back.

But why coffee? Because coffee not only detoxes your colon, it also detoxes your liver to increase liver immune power by multiple times. This is because coffee enema widens the bile pipe between liver and digestive system. This causes more bile to flow from liver to digestive system. Bile is a liquid, causes a healthy digestion and neutralises toxins and waste products, which leads to a healthy mind, body and digestive system. Even if one has a serious disease, the probability is very high that coffee enema can cure it in parallel to the use of prescribed medication. Some clinics use coffee enema extensively to cure cancer especially colon cancer.

To do coffee enema, first do water enema to cleanse the colon, after that you do coffee enema. But before everything else, one has to go to the bath to try to empty his or her bowel. It is advised to keep each one, water and coffee, inside for a fair amount of time, at least ten minutes. Do your coffee enema daily if you are not healthy or at least once a week if you are healthy. It is very important to hydrate your body fully first to prevent enema liquid absorbed into your body. Try to drink 0.011 litre of warm water per each kilogram of your weight. I am 65.00kg in weight and drink 65 times 0.011 = 0.70 litres of warm water before my enema by at least half hour.

 To do coffee enema you need enema kit made up of a water container, may be like hot water bottle, and a tube. You fill the water container and fit the tube to it tight. After that you hang the water container upside down at a place higher than the place, where you lay down on your back on a bed. After that you insert the free end of the tube to your back. Lubricate the end of the tube and your anus with organic oil to make it easy for the tube to go into the anus without causing pain. But before that go to toilet to empty your bowel.

The procedures to do coffee enema:

1-Do the coffee enema once daily if you are not healthy or once a week at least if your healthy. Each time begin by wearing only a bath robe.

2-Drink 0.011 litre of warm water per each kilogram of your weight at least half hour before the enema. Don't drink more than a litre.

3- Make a clock, a bucket, tissues and some organic oil available at the place of enema.

4- Boil an amount of water and make coffee in a coffee pot and leave it. Use organic coffee if it is possible and use a large table spoon of coffee.

5-Mix an amount of hot water with cold water to bring the temperature down to around 43.00C. The temperature has to be higher than your temperature but has to be at a comfortably tolerable temperature.

6- Add an amount of the water from No: 5 above to enema kit water container. This amount of water needs to be around 0.01 litre of water per each kilogram weight of the body of the patient. If the weight of the body is 60.00kg, for example, the amount of the water has to be 60 x 0.01 = 0.60 litres of water. But it is recommended that this amount of water shouldn't exceed one litre for any body weight.

7-Hang water container at a place higher than the place, where you have to lay down. Keep the end of the tube higher than the water container.

8-Close the end of the tube with your thumb and lower it down. Let some water flows into the bucket to get rid of the air in the tube and then close the tube with your thumb again.

9-While standing, lubricate the end of the tube and anus and insert the tube into the anus gently. Lay down as near as possible to the water container

10-Lay down on the back and let water flows into the colon.

11- When all the water flows into the colon, remove the tube and let whatever water left flows into the bucket. Don't let any water escapes from anus. To remove the tube from anus, put a folded piece of tissue under the tube against lower part of anus, pull the the tube slowly. Once the end of the tube comes out, close it quickly with your thumb and wipe your anus with the tissue.

12-Check the clock to keep the time.

13- Start gently massaging your belly in anti-clockwise motion for at least 10 minutes.

14-After 10 minutes or more, go to toilet to discharge the water. You may have to discharge the water into the bucket in the room before the 10 minute time.

15-Filter the coffee and add to it cold filtered tab water to bring its temperature down to the temperature of water at No 5 above.

16-Follow the rest of procedures from 5 to 14. Repeat the same procedures to do coffee enema each time.

17-clean your enema kit after each use.

In addition to all the benefits, Coffee Enema also removes a big load on our immune system. A large part of our immune system is busy neutralising free radicals, rusts, coming into our blood stream from our colon. These free radicals are products of undigested food becoming rotten in our colon. These free radicals cause DNA damage to cause any sort of cancer and they cause colon diseases like colon polyps and pockets and other diseases. With coffee enema, all your immune system becomes free to take care of the rest of your body and your colon becomes healthy and free from polyps and pockets.

Warnings of Side Effects

Beginners are advised to start coffee enema gradually to avoid side effects just in case. For this purpose, start to use one quarter of a coffee cup or less of ordinary coffee once a day for a week or so, then increase it to half cup for the same duration of time, again increase to three quarters for the same duration of time and then to a full cup. If no side effects developed by the time of the use of full cup of coffee you should be alright to start full coffee enema. If you have any digestive or colonic or bowel problem please ask the advice of your doctor before doing coffee enema. Try to do the trials early morning after going to bath to empty your bowel and before breakfast. There are hand-held small enema kits, available, which could be obtained and used for this purpose. It makes things a lot easier and saves time.

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