Supercharge Your Immune System

to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus

The only way, to protect yourself from coronavirus, is to supercharge your immune system. To do that follow these simple procedures:

1- Keep clean as much as you can and follow official and health guidelines.
2- Eat raw food, fresh fruits and vegetables, as much as possible. To be able to eat a fair amount, make salads or smoothies with your favourite spices from your raw food.
3- Always eat a few raw nuts like walnuts with your raw food. They help your body to absorb all medical values of the food.
4-Food has nutritional and medical values. Medical values of a food is the colour of the food. The more colourful a food is the higher medical value it has.
5- Wash all your raw food first in vinegar, which may be expensive., or use warm, around 40C, salted water. Leave the food in salted water for at least 10 minutes. After that rinse it under running water.

6 -Do a fair amount of exercises. On this website: you can find 27 Kung Fu style home exercises, click please . They are all easy except exercise No 5. Old people may ignore this exercise.

7- Take warm bath two to three times a week if you have time. Warm Bath increases immune system a lot If you are vulnerable, take warm bath daily. The procedure how to take warm bath explained at the end of these guidelines.
8- Do coffee enema two to three times a week. If you are vulnerable, do coffee enema daily. It frees all your immune system and strengthen it by 7 times to take care all over your body. Full details of coffee enema explained on this website: click please

9- chew your food very well.
10- Avoid all processed foods
10-Avoid meat, including fish , egg, dairy products.

11- Keep your body always fully hydrated with warm water as described on the previous page. The immune system needs lots of water and warm water strengthens immune system by 30% per each Celsius temperature grade over your temperature.

12- Avoid all fizzy drinks
13 Filter your drinking water.

14- Follow diet procedures of the previous page.

Procedures to take hot bath.

1-Hydrate your body. What is your weight? Assume you are 60 Kgs. Multiply it with 0.011 like this: 60x0.011=0.66 litre or 0.70 litre. Drink 0.7 litre of warm water or at least half litre, 0.5 litre, of warm water at around 45 Celsius or as warm as you can tolerate it. You may take one or two cold and flu tablets available without prescription if you are not on any medication.

2- After 20 to 30 minutes, lay down inside a bath tub filled with warm water, as warm as you can tolerate it.
3-Stay in the bath tub for at least half hour.
4- Come out, wipe your body dry and cover your body completely.
5- Drink another 0.7 litre or half, 0.5 litre, of warm water.
6- Go sleep in the bed
7-Stay in the bed until your temperatures returns to normal, after which you should return to your normal. activity.

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